Phil Laak's record broken by Brit former part-time soldier
Barry Denson, a Brit former part-time soldier who earlier this year vowed to beat the poker playing endurance record of 115 consecutive hours set by Phil Laak has delivered on his promise, playing for 120 hours and 20 minutes at the G Casino in Manchester last week and earning GBP 850 for the Help for Heroes war charity in the process.
"I prepared for the feat by gradually shortening my sleep over a period of a few weeks until I was running on less than three hours sleep a night, and this did help tremendously," Denson told PokerNews in an interview.
"I expected to experience side effects. Phil Laak spoke after his record of experiencing visual hallucinations but my experience was slightly different in that I experienced aural hallucination. At one stage I was sure that I could hear small children laughing and playing around the slots which were quite close to the table."
The new record has yet to be verified by as a world best by the Guinness Book of Records, a process that Denson says is already underway