October has been a record breaking month for the online poker industry with a number of high stakes games and wealthy players competing on the internet.

It took 11 years for a $600,000 pot to be won in online, but since it happened in September, the record has been broken five times.

Currently, the largest single pot ever won was taken down by Urindanger who beat Tom Dwan – otherwise known as Durrrr – with pocket rockets.

The month also saw the largest ever stack ever held in an internet game, when one player sat with $1.2 million.

Hannah Mayden, media relations director for PokerListings, said: "In October in particular, are simply mind-boggling. Million-dollar stacks on the tables, literally dozens of pots over $400,000."

The first pot to break the $600,000 mark was taken down by David Benyamine but his record was broken in the same weekend when a player by the moniker of patatino won a larger amount with a pair of twos.