More Player Restrictions at Pokerstars

Saturday November 15,2014 :  MORE RESTRICTIONS AT POKERSTARS
Players from UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark and Estonia no longer permitted to buy into live tournaments through the Pokerstars client.
In what appears to be deference to European nationally regulated markets, Pokerstars has announced a policy change which means that players resident in several specified regulated markets will no longer be offered the opportunity to buy into live tournaments through the Pokerstars client.
The nations specifically identified by Pokerstars are Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark and Estonia, according to company postings at the twoplustwo forum Friday.
In the postings, Pokerstars representatives from the Live Events Team advised:
"Players on ‘dot be', ‘dot bg', ‘dot dk', ‘dot ee' and ‘dot uk' licensed operations are no longer able to buy into live events sponsored by PokerStars using funds from their PokerStars account."
It appears that the change does not affect players who hold accounts on the international versions of Pokerstars, who are still permitted to buy in and register for live events. This was confirmed by Pokerstars spokesmen, who said:
"Players on and .eu are still able to buy in through their PokerStars accounts."