Pokerstars Eighty billionth hand

Monday, May 7,2012 : BIG WEEK FOR POKERSTARS
Eighty billionth hand of online poker is in sight
The world's biggest online poker operator,, is geared up for a busy weekend as it approaches its eighty billionth hand of poker, expected to be dealt Sunday May 6.
The site is running its customary Milestone promos to pull the players in, offering cash bonuses to players who are dealt into any of the final 300 milestone hands that are broken out at million hand intervals, with the final Mega Milestone hand set to award a much larger amount.
Pokerstars predicts that it will have handed out over a million dollars in cash bonuses by the time the eighty billionth hand is dealt, with those players involved in the Mega Milestone receiving at least $10,000 and the winner of the hand taking home $20,000.