Two More Poker Aces Sign With Pokerstars

4/6/10 – Two more international online poker aces, one from the United States and one from Ukraine, have signed up to Pokerstars Team Online, the 24 professional player roster that represents the company on and offline.
The new recruits follow the appointment of Dusty ‘leatherass' Schmidt from the US at the end of March.
American George ‘jorj95’ Lind and Denys ‘diatty’ Shcherbakov from Ukraine are the latest players to join an impressive group that includes Thomas ‘boku87’ Boekhoff, Grayson ‘spacegravy’ Physioc, Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew and Steve ‘stevesbets’ Jacobs.
The Pokerstars announcement records that Shcherbakov started out on the video games circuit before making the switch to poker in 2005 by opening an account on PokerStars. After starting at five-dollar s and g games, he earned SuperNova status and is ranked as one of the top players from his country.
Lind is a former computer science student who started playing poker at land casinos, developing his skills sufficiently to make two final tables at the World Championship Of Online Poker and achieve SuperNova Elite status with three million points amassed in 2008 alone. Poker Stars Get $600 Free ?
“It is an honour to be recognised as one of the elite in poker alongside so many other great names who are on PokerStars Team Online,” said Lind.