Popular game localised for Japanese market
Electronic Arts subsidiary PopCap Games, the developers of the hugely popular Bejewelled, has launched "Bejewelled Legend" for Android-enabled mobile devices on Japan's GREE social gaming platform.
The GREE network which focuses primarily on mobile boasts in excess of 30 million users of which 90 percent are said to access the site via mobile devices.  It was cited as the largest social network in Japan in terms of total users in 2011.  It was also listed as the top site in the country based on revenues and profitability.
PopCap's Bejeweled Legend goes a long way towards the company's growth strategy in the Asia/Pacific region and is the first product to be designed and developed by its Tokyo studio.  The game was designed working closely with GREE to incorporate a culturally rich story, frequent events and rich social components ensuring a unique experience for users.
A statement from PopCap Games said:  “Bejeweled Legend signifies the first time PopCap has self-published a game in Japan, demonstrating the company's increased commitment to one of the world's most avid gaming markets.”
“Bejeweled is PopCap's best-known and most successful franchise to date,” added Shigenori Araki, Asia/Pacific Executive Creative Director for PopCap.
“We have adapted this beloved game in a unique way for Japanese audiences. It was a huge responsibility and shows PopCap's commitment to develop highly polished games in Japan for Japan.”