PPC Aruba World Championship not paying winners

Organizers of PPC Aruba World Championship given until December 30 to meet obligations.
Several players owed winnings from the PPC Aruba World Championships played in November have engaged legal representation to demand payment by end December of their still outstanding winnings.
The players all finished in the top six positions of the competition, winning substantial sums of money but to date have been paid only $10,000 each, with a promise that the rest would be wired to their bank accounts by organizers, the Players Poker Championships..
The disgruntled players' legal representative has now reportedly sent a letter of demand to the PPC claiming that although the event took place in early November, the players allege they have yet to receive the rest of their winnings.
Unless the PPC meets its obligations by December 30 and the players are made whole, a case will be filed with the courts claiming breach of contract and fraud, the letter advises.
Poker News reports that its attempts to reach the individuals behind PPC for comment were unsuccessful. The publication notes that winnings of six and five-figures are being claimed, with around $173,000 outstanding.
The issue may extend beyond that, however; the poker forum twoplustwo carries claims that other players who finished in the top seven have also not been paid yet.