Major Gambling Raids In Malaysia

Posted 2.21.11 : Online gambling ring generated RM13 million a month, claim police.
The police in Pahang, Malaysia continued their crackdown on illegal gambling this week, raiding three premises and breaking up a gambling ring that generated wagers of around RM 13 million a month.
A police spokesman revealed that six men and five women were detained in the carefully coordinated raids, in which computers, telephones, handphones, printing machines and hundreds of sheets of papers written with numbers believed to be lottery numbers were seized, along with RM25 000 in cash (around GBP 5 100).
Pahang Police Chief, Datuk Sharifuddin Abd Ghani said all the suspects, aged between 30 and 50, were detained during an operation codenamed ‘Ops Dadu' in the Bentong, Karak and Manchis districts.
Sharifuddin told the Bernama news agency that the syndicate's operations were carried out online and through telephone calls. He said all the suspects were being remanded to assist in investigations into the case.