Posted 5/25/11 :

Part-subscription, part social and offering free memberships
A new "U.S. legal", rake-free poker site Rise Poker.com is scheduled to go live on 31 May 2011.
Access to strategies and tips from the world's top poker pros, valuable benefits and rewards and a RISE Poker team comprising of some of the most recognisable pro poker players in the world, are promised in Rise Pokers' statement.
Poker talent agency Poker Royalty, PokerVT and RISE Clothing are collaborating with the site.
"The market could not be better for a new, innovative rake-free site to fill the massive void created by the recent U.S. departures of the largest offshore online gambling sites. RISE Poker will offer these players a safe, secure, U.S. legal option that still offers the thrill of competing for real money cash and prizes," said Steve "Chops" Preiss, RISE Poker Executive Vice President of Business Development.
Preiss has affiliations with Wicked Chops Poker.com and Raw Vegas.tv, a broadband internet channel covering news from Las Vegas.
U.S. poker players will have the option to play for free on the site or to pay a $19.99 monthly fee for additional benefits. A free "Alternative Means of Entry" for every level of membership is also an option.
The site will reside on the ZEN Entertainment Network.
ZEN Entertainment recently announced Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino Los Angeles as a member of its branded partner program