Royal Wins launching Real Money Skill Games

Royal Wins close to the launch of a new real-money skill game product.
According to a company statement released Thursday, the Australian games developer Royal Wins is all set to launch a real-money mobile skill game on the Android platform, with plans well advanced for an iOS version soon after, App Store permission allowing.
The company's creative director, Myles Blasonato said in the statement that Royal Wins plans to attract the much-sought-after millennial generation to the online casino industry via skill gaming, which appeals to the demographic.
His company's Kash Karnival product offered traditional casino games, but with a skill gaming element that challenges and rewards the younger generation.
“We’ve always been excited at the idea of offering players real money rewards,” says Blasonato. “With Krystals Kashout we take our product to the next level so players can win real money on their mobile devices. It’s a double bonus. They don’t need to head all the way to the casino, it’s in their hands, and their skill plays a part in their results and not just dumb luck.”
The Return-to-Player values for the real money version of Kash Karnival will be wound tighter than on the social version that has already proved popular and will require more security measures.
“We want to create a safe and fair environment,” said marketer Michael Moretti, “so we’ve had to make sure to put the right systems in place. There will be 100-point ID checks prior to the first cash out, which we use to confirm the age and identity of the players. Once confirmed, winnings will be deposited straight into their nominated bank account.”