Monday February 16,2015 :  SEGA TO SHED 300 JOBS IN JAPAN
Interactive gaming company will use natural attrition where possible in cutting jobs.
Interactive gaming company Sega Sammy Holdings, which has dabbled in the online gambling sector has unveiled a restructuring plan that will result in the loss of at least 300 jobs – where possible through natural attrition – in Japan this year.
The announcement came in the shape of a stock exchange filing which gave little further information, but said the company has been reviewing its personnel requirements.
Sega Sammy has revised its earnings for the fiscal year ending in March 2015 from $33 million profit to a loss of $125 million due to the restructuring, and says that following the completion of the restructuring it will have three divisions: Sega Games, Sega Interactive and amusement park operator Sega Live Creation.