Wednesday February 6,2013 : SHFL ACQUIRES PROTEC GAMES
Integrates existing supplier into own business
SHFL Entertainment has announced the acquisition of ProTec Games Inc., a computer based content provider for casino slot games, table games and online video games, for an undisclosed consideration.
ProTec Games, located in Qingdao, China, has had a business relationship with SHFL for the past year and will continue to develop graphical assets and perform software development for SHFL's slot machines and other electronic products.
"We have been working with the ProTec team for quite some time and have been very happy with their work," said Gavin Isaacs, chief executive officer of SHFL. "To support and enhance the global growth of our slots, e-Tables and iGaming businesses, we decided to fully integrate the ProTec team into our business. We are confident that this acquisition will enable us to scale efficiently to support our growing product footprint."
Having a studio based in China will allow SHFL to deliver game content that will be better tailored to the fast evolving and promising Asian region.