Posted 1/13/11 : Minister says the practice is "asymmetric and unfair publicity"
The Singapore Government intends to implement additional draconian measures to deter residents from visiting casino resorts.
This week, Vivian Balarishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports told Parliament a plan is in process to prevent casinos from publicising customers' winnings on their websites, calling the practice "asymmetric and unfair publicity".  "You will find that they never publicise the losses and the consequences of those losses on the gamblers and their families," Balarishnan said.
The Minister did not elaborate or give a timeline on when the Ministry would take action.
This weeks statement on further measures follows the Government stopping bus shuttle services between casinos and town centres in September last year as it deemed promotional efforts should be confined to tourists.
Reportedly Singapore's two casino resorts, operated by Genting Singapore Plc and Las Vegas Sands Corp, significantly contributed to a 14.7 percent increase in Singapore's gross domestic product in 2010.