Inaugural tech recruits survive 14-week intensive boot camp.
UK gambling group Sky Betting and Gaming has announced that the first 25 graduates in its technical personnel development program have successful passed the company's intensive 14-week boot camp familiarization and integration software academy boot camp and will now be deployed in rotational positions within the group over the next nine months.
Our readers will recall that the online gambling group launched its initiative to recruit talent for intensive training and development through an academy-based system, drawing from selected applicants from across the United Kingdom as it builds capacity to address its future technical needs.
The company's outward-looking strategies have seen it hosting a coding initiative as part of National Coding Week, and a technical seminar involving 80 advanced technical experts exchanging ideas earlier this year .
More recently it launched a program in which business experts from its local (Leeds) headquarters community give presentations on their approach and thoughts on marketing and product development.
A company executive said this week that new thinking and perspectives were the bonuses of Sky's strategy to bring on and develop bright new technical talent to innovate and improve products. The project has more than justified the company's substantial investment in the project, he opined.
Those who are selected for Sky's 12 month program are paid a competitive full-time salary and are guaranteed positions within the group on completion of the comprehensive course.