SkySQL in deal with GamePoint

Thursday April 11, 2013 : SKYSQL IN GAMEPOINT DEAL
Popularity of social gaming platform meant outsourcing database support services
Open source database solution firm SkySQL has clinched a deal with Dutch multi-player social gaming firm GamePoint that will cover database support and problem resolutions.
Rapid expansion that saw a 60 percent growth in membership last quarter compelled GamePoint to look for alternative database management solutions to ensure efficiency and stability of the platform.
Michael de Groot, IT Director of GamePoint, who previously managed the database in-house, said: “With the recent success at GamePoint we have more players playing on the platform which meant we only had time to look at urgent issues. We were unable to test everything in the database so we often could not quickly see what was wrong. Ultimately those unresolved problems led to longer downtime.”
Under the terms of the deal, SkySQL will provide database support and fixes to GamePoint.
Patrik Sallner, chief executive officer of SkySQL, added “Internet gaming has virtually decreased the distance between people globally, so today a player in Paris can play in her morning against a player in Singapore at his evening. It is great to have GamePoint putting its trust in the skills and knowledge of the SkySQL team. SkySQL is pleased to add its first customer from the gaming industry to the customer base and giving our unrivalled support and creativity to Michael and his team.”