SonicWarp , a Shropshire, UK based Internet company claims that players don't lose when playing its new online and continuously running game Treasure Chest, where "the prize fund is added to daily, and a cash prize is up for grabs each and every month."
Players who make a refundable deposit of GBP100 receive a token and (presumably to get around legal issues) 5 multiple choice questions to answer. Once the questions are correctly answered, the player's token is entered into the Treasure Chest, where once a month a token is randomly selected, and the token owner takes the prize fund.
Player's can reclaim their GBP100 deposit at any time and leave the game – hence the "no losers" claim. If the deposit is allowed to ride, it continues to give the player a chance in the monthly draws going forward. Players who introduce others to the game receive bonus tokens, increasing their own chances of winning the monthly prize.