The Rock has the hi-tech gear, but communication links run through Spain, claims regional Mayor
The mayor of La Linea, a city near online gambling licensing jurisdiction Gibraltar, reminded the Gibraltar Chronicle this week that The Rock may have the clients and the technology, but its communication links are through Spain….and La Linea expects to benefit from it.
Mayor Alejandro Sanchez told the publication that there are currently 37 online gambling firms offering services in Spain, with just five of them controlling up to an 86 pecent share of the lucrative Spanish internet sports betting market.
Most of these companies are licensed in foreign territories like Malta or Gibraltar, and the sector is doubling its growth each year, he said.

Sanchez reiterated that La Linea expects to benefit from neighbouring Gibraltar's profits since the Rock’s telecoms expansion following the signing of the Cordoba Agreement. "The technology which allows this business to prosper is concentrated and distributed through La Linea territory,” he said.