Spaninsh Online Gamblers Research

Mobile channel utilised by almost 20 percent of players
Tudiariodeapuestas reports on a study conducted by Research Firm IPSOS on the gambling and betting sector in Spain.
The survey sample comprised 1000 over-18 adults with internet access, and yielded the following results:
–   35 percent of people with internet access play online at least once a month, but the majority bet in person.
–   More men than women partake in online gaming with a ratio of 64 percent vs.36 percent.
–   A similar gender picture exists for those who only play online, mostly being men at 61 percent and women 39 percent.
–   Most popular gaming online revealed casino games at 56 percent, poker at 47 percent and sportsbetting at 29 percent.
–   Online betting is usually placed from a computer (95 percent) but mobile users are already accounting for almost 20 percent of players.
–   LAE (state lotteries), bwin and PokerStars led the pack on a question posed on high brand reputation with a break down of 48 percent, 40 percent and 39 percent respectively.