Friday August 26,2011 : Up to 20 fixed odds markets in play on every NFL game this season
Sporting Solutions, the B2B fixed odds trading and pricing division of the Sporting Index Group, has launched a significant extention of both the number of games and the quantity of markets offered in-play ahead of the new National Football League season.
This is the third full season that Sporting Solutions will be supplying American football to a growing list of partners, now covering 12 NFL games in play each weekend, with up to 20 markets updated in real time and supplied with minimal latency. The service also provides in-running prices on the US College Football league, the NCAA – adding a further 5 games each week.
Dave Grogan, business development director for the company, said this week: “There is massive growth in the US sports market in the UK and Europe, particularly in-play.
“We believe we have the best American football traders in Europe, if not the world. American football is difficult to trade in-play – not only is it a very tactical sport but the magnitude of game-play scenarios is huge.
“It requires experienced and knowledgeable traders prepared to work unsociable hours, complex models and sophisticated algorithms. We are extending our range of coverage across NFL and NCAA, and look forward to welcoming new partners to this service.”