Sporting Solutions launching a new suite of cloud-based trading tools

Flexible, cost-effective solution to cater for customer demands
Sporting Solutions, the software and data services division of the Sporting Index Group, is launching a new suite of cloud-based trading tools aimed at overhauling the way sportsbooks generate their prices.
The internet connection accessible service titled "Cloud Calculation Engines or C²E" provides sportsbook operators with access to Sporting Solutions’ pricing models for both in-play and pre-match pricing and is offered alongside the company’s in-play price feed service.
The cloud-based "software as a service" product is available on demand and promises to enable sportsbooks to dramatically reduce operating costs through the elimination of significant data centre, hardware and system maintenance costs.
Sportsbooks will be able to pay for and offer any combination of sport, event coverage and market availability providing flexibility on product menu's specific to operators’ customer base demands.
Simon Trim, managing director of Sporting Solutions, said: “We genuinely believe that this will revolutionise the way global operators generate their sportsbook prices. Developed by traders for traders, C²E takes sports trading into the cloud computing era.”