Tuesday August 23,2011 :Itai Zak named as new chief executive officer
The interactive sports betting solutions provider Sports Betting Tech has announced the appointment of Itai Zak as its new chief executive officer.
The appointment is part of a strategic board decision triggered by the company's growth and its entrance into a number of new ventures and opportunities in both traditional ".com" and regulated markets, management advised in a statement this week.
Itai will join the company next (September) month and will oversee the its day-to-day operations, technology and products strategy, and the development of its B2B business components.
Prior to join Sports Betting Tech, Zak served as an executive vice president of e-gaming products at Spiral Solutions, a company associated with industry veteran Microgaming which provides a turnkey managed services solutions for regulated e-gaming markets.
Zak also served as an executive vice president and general manager of Spin3, a division of Spiral Solutions and the exclusive provider of mobile gaming solutions to Microgaming.
"I am absolutely delighted to be joining the team at Sports Betting Tech," Zak said this week. "There is a strong demand for attractive and advanced sports betting solutions and I'm looking forward to ensure we continue to advance and grow in what is undoubtedly a dynamic and competitive marketplace."
Sports Betting Tech was established in 2007 and is now an important provider of interactive sports betting solutions.