Scam Poker Room LockPoker Launches New Site

Thursday March 13,2014 :  NEW SITE ON LOCK POKER NETWORK
But with a reported over $930,000 still owed to Lock players, will fly…and is it truly independent?
A new online poker site has appeared on the standalone Lock Poker network which has hitherto been inhabited solely by Lock Poker itself.
The company reportedly still owes its players around $930,000, creating enmity and suspicion over the totally unacceptable length of payment delays, which does not bode well for – the new arrival.
Player forums are already buzzing with doubts that the new site is truly independent and separately owned, triggering some amateur internet sleuthing which has suggested that there are definite links between the two operations.
These indications principally flow from licensing information which indicates the operator is Stacktrace NV, a company that also holds Curacao operating licenses for the .eu domains Lockpoker and Lockcasino. There are reportedly also suspicious similarities in security certificates.