TAB Rebrands

Monday September 23 ,2013 : FIRST REBRAND FOR TAB IN 15 YEARS
Redefined to appeal to a younger audience
The 303 Lowe creative agency is responsible for Western Australian TAB's first rebrand in 15 years.
The new long-term campaign sporting the tagline Upped The Game supports TAB's new online offer TAB Touch, the TABform newspaper and TABradio along with print, outdoor, digital and point of sale advertising.
The campaign features a distinct local flavour focusing on a hero on horseback as he rides through Australian sporting landmarks.
Alister Shennan, general manager of marketing at the TAB, said the campaign redefines who TAB is as a brand and reinforces their leadership position in the market. "It’s the kind of move that only a leader could make and is a sign of our commitment to improving our offering for our loyal punters in WA.”