France The Digital Republic Bill

“The Digital Republic Bill” aims to disassociate eSports events from gambling.
According to weekend reports on Yogonet, the French government's Digital Republic Bill may carry significant benefits for the booming eSports industry, including the expansion of the definition of an athlete to include eSports professional players, government interaction with the industry, and government social benefits.
Under French laws, eSports events are currently classified as illegal gambling events, and new proposed legalization aims to change this, Yogonet reports. It represents a possible reversal of the government's previous approach which refused to acknowledge eSports as a professional sports activity.
"If passed, the bill will disassociate eSports with illegal gambling and also recognize the rights of organizations and players," Yogonet notes.
"The bill will use a partnership-based approach to help government interface with organizers, gamers and public institutions with the goal of structuring the the eSports industry in France, allowing eSports players to contribute taxes towards pensions plans as they will also be recognized as athletes."
The government's objective is to regulate the industry and attract the popular eSports competitions to France, the publication claims, pointing out that a recent Newzoo study found that the eSports audience is growing by double-digit rates year-over-year, thanks mostly to big ticket tournament events played in stadiums throughout Europe.