Danish Poker Federation President Wins 2010 Open Valencia poker tournament

It’s a Thomas thang as Danish Poker Federation chief bests 361 hopefuls
Unibet’s 2010 Open Valencia poker tournament produced a winner over the weekend as two days of action culminated in a win for Thomas Thang, perhaps better known up in the European north as president of the Danish Poker Federation.
Thang bested an entry field of 361 in the Euro 1,500 buy-in event, winning a first prize of Euro 135,080 after triumphing over runner up Andreas Hofman of Germany, who took home a second placing paycheck for Euro 89,350.
Going into the final table, Thang was joined by Hofmann, Jose Diez, Atanas Gueorguiev, Andrei Grigoras, Yoni Houri, Michael Schuerpf, Tim Van De Riet, Jose Luis Melia and Andre Joranger.