5/19/10 – Titan Gaming, the provider of an online platform for multiplayer skill games, has raised $1 million in funding from angel investors, reports Digital Media Wire.
Backers include Clearstone Venture Partners, founder Michael Robertson and Vonage co-founder Carlos Bhola.
Founded in 2006, Titan offers gaming companies and content sites a platform for offering skill-based matchmaking, tournaments and points or cash competitions.
The company intends to use the funds to finalise its technology and secure mass distribution deals. Its first customers are slated to go live in July.
Thanks to US legislative carve outs, skill gaming is legal in most of the United States, and is a growing industry in Europe and Asia. Titan manages the legal, jurisdictional framework surrounding reconciling skill gaming transactions, and automatically deals with legal and jurisdiction issues so that developers can focus on building an entertaining game experience.
The company boasts a technical team of 24 engineers.