Tote Ireland First To Offer Colossus Bets sports pools

Monday November 23,2015 :  COLOSSUS BETS FOR TOTE IRELAND

First horse racing tote to offer the sports pools product.

The Irish Tote operator has become the first horse racing tote to offer Colossus Bets sports pools following a deal announced this week.

Tote Ireland, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Horse Racing Ireland, will launch sporting jackpot pools powered by Colossus Bets across its web and mobile platforms.

Included in the agreement is the potential for a future rollout of Colossus Bets’ patented partial cash-out technology across the entire Tote Ireland platform.
“We have grown volumes into our core horseracing pools by offering minimum guaranteed pool prizes and demonstrated that players want to shoot for life-changing jackpots,” Tim Higgins, chief executive officer  of Tote Ireland said in a statement.  “The Colossus sports pools certainly fulfil that demand and we are very pleased to make these products available to our existing and new players.”