Patent brokerage auctions off new wagering card game

Patent brokerage auctions off new wagering card game
ICAP Patent Brokerage is punting the intellectual property rights to a new game designed for the casino environment.
The patent portfolio, currently owned by Joseph Scibetta, contains a "new easy-to-learn, easy-to-play wagering game designed for the casino environment across most platforms.
The simplified card game is said to provide an attractive wagering environment for both player and casino alike and is played against a dealer or a house.  The blurb on the portfolio reads:
–     In one variation of the game, player and dealer are given multiple cards facing down. The player makes a new wager at every round, either on their respective top card or on a predetermined combination of cards.
–     The player is determined to be a winner based on predetermined rules (e.g., player having Ace card is a winner) after turning up one card (or a combination of cards) in every round.
–     The new wager that is provided at every round increases the revenue of the casino.
–     Various other variations (e.g., bonus on bets, multiple card play, etc.) of the game are disclosed for increasing the excitement in the game.
–     Adaptable to a number of environments including but not limited to video game machines, television, internet.
–     Multi-player variations, including multi-player variations for playing using a casino table or electronically, are described and claimed by the patent portfolio.
–     The patent portfolio also describes a scratch-off lottery variation.