With some of the most draconian laws against online gambling in the US, Washington State is set to reconsider its approach to gambling.
The Washington State Gambling Commission has announced that it has hired the professional services of New Jersey gambling consultants Spectrum Gaming to prepare an economic market study on gambling in the state.
A press statement from the Commission notes that Spectrum has worked in the field since the 1980s and has conducted studies on gambling in other states, including Florida and Connecticut.
Commission chair Chris Stearns says the study’s results – due late fall – will be a powerful economic tool for the state and its Native American tribes.
“The results of this study will be a powerful economic tool for the state and tribes that will allow us to build on our success and help the state, businesses, tribes and citizens guide economic growth with investment and with our values," said Stearns.
“The study will measure the effects of commercial, non-profit and tribal gambling by focusing on employment, fantasy sports, gambling facilities and trends, Internet gambling, new gambling games such as mobile games, population trends, revenues, the effect of technology and the effect of gambling on tourism.”
The state lottery and horseracing will not be included in the review.