Esports WESA Arbitration Court


Towards “professionalizing” eSports.

The World ESports Association (WESA), established in May 2016, has founded the WESA Arbitration Court, an independent vehicle offering a legal framework in which to resolve a range of issues including contract disputes, prize money pay out and distribution, financial misconduct and player representation.

Three Arbitrators will rule on the issue at hand, in a confidential process in which the decision made is final and appeals will not be entertained.

“The creation of an independent arbitration process is an important step to achieve one of WESA’s goals to professionalize esports,” Ken Hershman, executive chairman and commissioner of WESA, said.  “The impartial nature of the arbitration process ensures a variety of issues – from contract disputes to prize money distribution and many others – can be handled expeditiously in a fair, equitable and cost effective manner.”

“Having a framework, processes and a legal body to turn to when needed is an important next step in ensuring that professional gamers and their careers are guarded,” added Viktor Jendeby, Players Council Chairman. “With the Arbitration Court in place, I am confident that Players and Teams they play for will receive necessary help and support when needed, and that their interests will be protected.”

Arbitration will begin with a written submission sent directly to the Court followed by an oral hearing for the arbitrator and the parties, if deemed necessary.