Western Union Under Investigation For Gambling Transfers

Financial transactions company releases details of federal interest in Caribbean and Central American transactions.
International financial services group Western Union has released an SEC statement informing interested parties that it is currently the subject of an apparently wide-ranging US federal investigation into its activities, particularly regarding transactions with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama,  Haiti, Philippines, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Peru and the Bahamas.
The investigation is under the authority of the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida in terms of a grand jury convened in 2014, and investigators have demanded a wide range of documentation from the company in a subpoena that indicates an interest in gaming transactions and possibly money laundering.
Western Union is apparently suspected of failing to take appropriate measures to curtail gaming transactions with the countries named, particularly Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.
The company issued its statement as a heads up to shareholders that if the investigation leads to judicial action, Western Union could be faced with punitive measures that would have a material adverse effect on its finances and reputation.