Temporary Bulldog777 and GR88 closures?

Thursday April 11, 2013 : MERGE POKER MYSTERY
What's the real story behind the ‘temporary' Bulldog777 and GR88 closures?
Two Merge Poker Network skins – Bulldog777 and GR88 – had players and affiliates guessing this week after announcing a temporary closure that appeared to suggest a switch of network platform was imminent.
The online casino and sports betting activities of these operators were also suspended.
Yet after a ten day hiatus and exposure on influential websites like Poker Affiliate News the operators advised that they were remaining on the Merge network, would soon be back operating, and that the offline hiatus was to change affiliate platforms.
The closures were of particular interest due to the previous exit of a number of Merge Poker skins this year
On Thursday morning both sites displayed the following landing page message:
"Bulldog777 will be coming back online. When this happens, you can check in to reset your password and start enjoying the new Bulldog777.com! We thank you sincerely for your patience during the migration period. If you have any issues with the new site please don't hesitate to contact support."