Atlantis and WikiBetting team up to launch social sports gaming on Facebook

Atlantis and WikiBetting team up to launch social sports gaming on Facebook.
Atlantis Internet Group has teamed with Wikibetting to enter the social sports betting arena with a Facebook app titled Sportsbook Exchange.
The product is currently available on the Tribal Gaming Network, a multi-vendor gaming platform with the federal approval to offer legal Intranet gaming in Indian land casinos in 28 US states.
Players can buy Facebook chips and wager on any sporting event in the world at any time and from anywhere, ATIG spokesman Donald Bailey said Thursday. "Players use real cash to purchase Facebook chips, but instead of cashing out for money, they accumulate Facebook chips for online entertainment and are eligible to receive non-transferable casino comps based on time played from sponsoring tribal casinos."
Bailey described the new product as a significant first for Internet gaming.
"Indian tribes now gain the opportunity to participate in the $40 billion international Internet gaming market – and now the up-and-coming social gaming market," he said. "The strategy to attract international customers is simple: Indian casinos are located in the most regulated gaming market in the world. the United States. This assures winners on the Tribal Gaming Network that they will be paid their winnings."
ATIG director Conrad Granito said: "With the Tribal Gaming Network customers know the exact geographical location of the casino they choose to trust with their gambling dollars."