William Hill Fighiting The Levy

Posted 1/19/11 : William Hill goes on the attack
The controversy around the UK horseracing levy intensified this week as major online bookmaking group William Hill plc went on the attack, launching its "Real Jobs – Real People" campaign, which aims to put fact-based arguments about the Horserace Levy into the public domain.
The levy – paid by bookie organisations to subsidise the British horseracing industry, remains a source of often bitter dispute between the parties, especially regarding the size of contributions, on which the warring parties have not been able to reach a compromise.
In launching the campaign, William Hill's chief executive, Ralph Topping said;
"William Hill is a strong supporter of racing, as evidenced by our sponsorship of major events such as the William Hill King George, but not at a cost to jobs and the sustainability of high street betting shops.
“When racing's leadership continues to peddle inaccurate and un-evidenced stories of a financial "crisis" within racing or that bookmakers are not making a "fair" return, then these statements need to be firmly challenged. Those outside the industry also need to understand the economics of an industry which is a major employer.
"The Levy needs to be replaced by a proper commercial relationship between racing and bookmakers"