Casino Cheater International intelligence network in action

Monday September 23 ,2013 : GAMBLING CHEATERS BEWARE
International intelligence network in action
A recent US land casino cheating case in which security officials nailed a crooked punter who used invisible ink marks to help him beat the house has prompted an Associated Press report over the weekend that casino officials have confirmed the use of an international casino intelligence network as operators protect themselves from known villains.
The use of similar exchanges of information on cheaters in the online gambling sector has long been suspected by players and would seem a logical extension of this type of protective collaboration as more  states in the USA legalise online gambling.
The Associated Press report quotes officials at Connecticut's Mohegan Sun as revealing that the invisible ink cheater was picked up by a surveillance official who recognised him from a warning bulletin issued by a Louisiana operator, and that this type of security cooperation has been increasing since first inception a decade ago.