Live dealer offering for Tribal Gaming Network

Sunday July 10,2011 : Manila-based live dealer provider EntwineTech has entered into a deal with U.S. company Atlantis Internet Group (Atlantis) via their Tribal Gaming Network.
The Atlantis Internet Group is a public Nevada gaming corporation that specialises in the development of casino games, casino management software, slot machine software, gaming networks and land based casino development.
A company spokesperson said the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), a federal gaming commission in the U.S. that licenses tribal casinos in twenty-eight states, has given Atlantis approval to run a private network (WAP-intranet) to connect all the Tribal Indian Casinos in the United States.
The live dealer solution for this network will be provided by EntwineTech.
Donald Bailey, President/CEO of Atlantis Internet Group said : “Our solution for over 450 Indian Casinos nationwide is available today and we are glad EntwineTech has chosen to join us as leaders in this venture".