Betonline Hires Four New Traders

Tuesday August 30, 2011  : Online sportsbook continues to expand
Panama City-based online sportsbook continued its expansion this week with the hiring of an additional four highly experienced traders – two from the United States and two from Europe.
The sportsbook, which also offers online casino and poker action, has also raised the limits on NFL to $25,000 a game and dropped the prices on international sports to what it claims is the lowest in the market.
“We’ve recently brought in four new traders—two from the States and two from Europe—and their impact on BetOnline’s sports  offering has been dramatic,” said Alex Carey, chief marketing officer at BetOnline.
“They’re managing all of our live in-game action, which includes MLB and pre-season NFL, but also live soccer, tennis and golf. And while the live action is great, what they’ve been able to do with the moneylines is startling!”
Spearheaded by a former Pinnacle Sports trader, BetOnline is offering highly competitive 16-cent moneylines, spreads and totals in tennis, and 16-cent moneylines on matchups in golf.
“European books rob you by including the draw and making 3 way lines in golf,” Carey claimed this week. “If you’re betting on golf or tennis, you have to check our prices.”
The new ex-Bwin trader from Europe has ramped up the action on international team sports, too. 10-cent spreads on UEFA Champions League—with limits up to $5000—and 20-cent lines on Cricket and Rugby are now offered.
“In the US, we’ve often been jealous of the choice and value they have in Europe; no more,” said Carey.  “Cricket and Rugby are usually 30 or 40 cent lines, Champions League typically 20 to 30 cents."