Online gaming sector in China is booming

January 1, 2013 : Happy New Year Everyone

Latest numbers show extent of mobile penetration
The online gaming sector in China is booming, with total revenues heading for 68.5 billion yuan,$11 billion, in 2013, according to a new study by Analysys International. And the driving power behind this very significant growth is mobile phone and tablet technology.
In 2012 alone the indications are that revenues topped 56 billion yuan, giving a perspective on the considerable influence and penetration that mobile devices have achieved in China.
Unfortunately, other than welfare lotteries, the government remains firmly against online gambling.
Beijing-based Analysys reports that revenue generated by mobile games is set to surge in 2013 as the nation's smartphone penetration rate exceeds 50 percent.
"The sector is expected to maintain a 50 percent annual growth rate over the next three years," Xue Yongfeng, a researcher with the company told the China Daily newspaper.
The growth rate in the browser games sector is expected to slow over the next three years but will still be able to contribute about 17 billion yuan in annual revenue by 2015, the researcher said, adding that its revenue was less than 8 billion this year.