CSIG Supports Restoration of America’s Wire Act

Tuesday June 30,2015 :  C.S.I.G. URGES SUPPORT FOR R.A.W.A. SENATE BILL
Adelson-funded action group supports an Adelson-inspired internet gambling ban bill.
The Sheldon Adelson-funded Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling has predictably issued a statement supporting the recent Senate re-introduction of the Adelson-inspired Restoration of America's Wire Act by Senators Lindsey Graham and Mark Rubio
There is little that is new in the CSIG statement, which again tests the truth with its carefully crafted negative perspectives on internet gambling and the "questionable practices" of internet gambling operators, and urges the public to persuade their political representatives to support the federal banning bill.
CSIG spokesman John Ashbrook claims there is "tremendous momentum" behind RAWA despite its thin political support last year and this in both the House and the Senate.