Senator Nick Xenophon wants facebook to ban gambling

Facebook will make money off vulnerable and addicted, says politician
South Australian anti-gambling campaigner and politician Senator Nick Xenophon has turned his attention to the possibility of real-money gambling on Facebook.
Xenophon has seemingly heeded warnings of “the creation of a new generation of problem gamblers” if the social networking website were to allow real-money gambling.
He has reportedly written to the young founder and chief executive officer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg requesting clarification of its online gambling strategy and a ban on the practice, reported The Australian.
"Mark Zuckerberg needs to do the right thing – he is already worth a few billion bucks," said Xenophon. "Does he really want to make money off the vulnerable and the addicted?
"The social network will end up becoming the anti-social network because it will fuel gambling problems.
"Facebook is an iconic brand and by lending its credibility to online gambling we will see online gambling sky rocket and I don't think the authorities will be able to enforce it,” he added.
Xenophon is concerned that loopholes in Australian law may make it difficult for the Government to ban its residents from online gambling through Facebook.