According to player posts on several message boards and a story on the Poker-King portal, an "unauthorised software" bust – widely interpreted as a bot incident – has been made by the Full Tilt Poker website security experts.

Players reported receiving emails from Full Tilt Poker advising that refunds will be forthcoming following the Bodog Online Poker discovery by management of numerous accounts that had been caught using "unauthorized" software. Reliable information on the total amount of cash involved was not available at press time.

Reports indicate that FTP is using a calculation based on number of hands played against the "bots" as well as the amount won/lost to them in working out the refunds.

Apparently the bots have been encountered in Heads Up Limit Hold'em cash games for some time, with suspicions growing as patterns emerged in timing, tactics, opposition and hand histories.

This led to an intensive investigation by Full Tilt, which exposed specific accounts alleged to be involved in the scam. These accounts have now been frozen and all funds seized, with the intention of distributing the ill-gotten gains among aggrieved players.