Wednesday, November 16, 2011 : New York claims filed by FTP director
Embattled online poker provider Full Tilt Poker fired its latest broadside at the US Department of Justice Tuesday, when company director and famous poker pro Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, acting on the company's behalf and through legal representatives, filed a series of separate claims totalling tens of millions of dollars in a New York Southern District federal court.
The claims are against assets seized by the DoJ related to the Black Friday indictments instituted back in April  and are filed in the name of various companies associated with FTP such as Pocket Kings Consulting Ltd., Pocket Kings Ltd., Tiltware LLC., Kolyma Corporation A.V.V., Vantage Ltd., and Filco Ltd.
Ferguson asserts that defendant “has right, title, or interest to all funds in the accounts seized by the Department of Justice."
Full details on the filings can be found here:
The document reveals that FTP has asked for an out-of-state lawyer, Ian J. Imrich of Los Angeles, to be given special permission to argue the case despite not being licensed in New York.