Japan Casino Bill Still Not Approved

But the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is still intent on getting casino bill through before December 14 Diet adjournment.
Hopes that the newly invigorated land casino gambling bill before the Upper House of the Diet would be approved by today (Friday) have faded after the ruling Liberal Democratic Party announced that it will instead hold hearings before the Cabinet Affairs Committee next week.
However, the party reiterated its determination to seek final approval for the bill before the national legislature adjourns on December 14.
Our readers will recall that the bill unexpectedly developed momentum in the Lower House, and was approved and sent to the Cabinet Affairs Committee in the Upper House earlier this week.
However concerns were expressed that insufficient time had been devoted to a proper study and debate of the proposal, and a meeting between LDP Diet affairs chief Masaji Matsuyama and his DP counterpart, Kazuya Shinba reached agreement on further hearings and opportunity for discussion..
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a press conference on Thursday: "It is the role of the government to help the people understand and not feel uneasy about the Casino Bill."