Cambodia Live Dealer Casinos Busted

Posted on 12/26/10 : Live dealer internet casinos feel the heat
Ingenious Cambodian internet casino operators, who have been making a good living offering punters live dealer online gambling over the internet, have been feeling the heat this week as police hammer their premises in a series of raids.
Cafes in the north eastern part of the country, which offer online gambling services via live broadcasts from land-based casinos and dens elsewhere in Cambodia, have been especially hard-hit.
Police raids have resulted in the imposition of heavy fines and cafe closures, and the drive is having a salutary effect on other internet cafe owners, reports the local media.  Reports indicate that operators are running scared and have shut up shop until the environment calms.
Many of these internet cafes are reportedly positioned close to educational centres in order to attract student business.
The police have yet to make a statement, but it is understood that heavy fines have already been paid.