Mobile Internet Access Growing

6.3 percent rise in use of mobile devices
New numbers from the research company Statista illustrate the continuing general trend toward users accessing the internet from mobile devices, claiming that thus far in 2013 the use of mobile devices has grown 6.3 percent – from 11.1 percent in H1-2012 to the current level of 17.4 percent.
Statista's numbers show that Asia leads in mobile internet accessing at 26.6 percent, up 7.8 percent from last year, with North American mobile users up 5.8 percent at 15.2 percent, and Africa up a remarkable 12.4 percent to 23.7 percent.
Australia and neighbouring nations are collected under the heading Oceania, which was up 6 percent to 14.6 percent
Europe currently trails with just a 3.8 percent rise to 9.7 percent, but South America more than doubled its mobile usage, albeit from a low base – from 3.2 percent to 6.8 percent.