Georgia legal pari-mutuel horse race betting

Proposal submitted despite resistance from Governor
Georgia State lawmaker Representative Harry Geisinger , R-Roswell, is taking another punt at submitting a proposed bill that would lead to legal pari-mutuel horse race betting, despite Governor Nathan Deal repeatedly voicing his opposition to any gambling expansion efforts in the State.
The submission of the proposed bill follows two years worth of Geisinger's wasted efforts on lobbying his peers to vote in favour of pari-mutuel horse race betting, said the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
According to the newspaper, the bill filed in advance of the 2013 legislative session comprises House Resolution 1, which would authorise a public vote on amending the constitution to allow pari-mutuel betting and House Bill 4 which details how the process would work.
The 2013 Legislative Session begins January 14, 2013 and ends around Mid-April 2013.