Pennsylvanian Quiet On Internet Gambling

But the United States' second largest gambling market is working on it
Last year Pennsylvanian Representative Tina Davis sprang to online gambling prominence when she spearheaded a new bill seeking to legalise online gambling on an intrastate basis in the nation's second-largest gambling market.
Since then the state legislative machinery has been silent on the issue, but Davis is still pushing the measure forward, saying that with other states already in motion on legalization initiatives it is imperative that Pennsylvania defends its position in the market, and makes allowances for the possible expansion of Internet games through the privatisation of the state lottery.
Initial proposals in the Davis measure include a steep $16.7 million licensing fee and an as yet unspecified tax rate, with all taxes and licensing fees being allocated to the State Lottery and Property Tax Relief Funds .
If the measure progresses it will potentially extend Pennsylvania's gambling initiatives into further competition with other eastern states with online gambling legalization ambitions, like Delaware and New Jersey.