PKR Speeds Up Downloads

Time to table at PKR poker room now comparable to 2D poker sites
3D online poker room has updated the download process for its software to enable players to download and install up to 8x faster than before.
Where the average download on a 4 megabyte line used to take between 20 and 25 minutes, following Wednesday’s new release it will only take 5 minutes for a player to be seated at a table and playing PKR in full 3D.
The new download process enables players to register and access the software in less than two minutes. While players are completing the registration process and setting up their in-game avatar, remaining elements of the award-winning software continue to download in the background. This has seen the download time reduced by 800 percent and has given PKR a time to table of just 5 minutes, comparable to the range of 2D poker downloads available on the market.
COO Leon Walters said: “We wanted to be able to give our players an experience that integrates fast speeds with exceptional levels of quality. With this update, our team has ensured that anyone, anywhere can enjoy the PKR experience without any delays.”
Walters says that the incremental download is the first of a wave of software releases from the poker room scheduled over the coming months, with tiled tables, new environments and a hand replay tool on the ‘forthcoming attractions' list.