Pokerstars launches BOOM

Thursday, May 10,2012 : POKERSTARS LAUNCHES BOOM!
New product has a social sharing element
Online poker's biggest operator, Pokerstars, launched its latest product Boom! on Tuesday, providing poker fans with a new software facility that allows players to share poker hands they have played on the giant site.
According to material issued by the company, the Boom! hand replayer will act as a social sharing function for friends, family and followers on Twitter, as well as the wider poker community on Boom
Whether it’s a stellar hand, bad play, huge pot or anything else of note, players can tweet their hands direct from the PokerStars tables by clicking the new Boom! button after a hand is complete.
Viewers will get to see a video replay of the hand, making it a quick, easy and fun way for players to show others their most exciting hands and get people talking about them.
Players will also be able to use the Boom site to interact with the PokerStars community by voting on other players’ hands, watching those posted by Team PokerStars Pros, and emailing their own hands or posting to other social websites.