Some Quicktender Customers Getting Paid

Monday July 25, 2011 : Payments start arriving in several countries, albeit in Euros
Internet gamblers who feared for monies tied up in UseMyWallet-Quicktender accounts when they abruptly closed late May this year  now have brighter prospects to look forward to following news that payments have started to arrive, albeit in Euros.
Both European and North American punters report receiving their funds, although it appears that at present the payments have been confined to those amounts that had been cleared prior to the May 25 shutdown in the wake of US enforcement actions that froze accounts and reportedly seized funds from payment processors.
The situation remains cloudy for players who had funds that had not already been cleared for payment, with Quicktender claiming that these are among those seized by the US authorities.  Thus far there has been no guidance from either Quicktender or the US enforcement agencies on whether players can make a bid for the return of these funds, and how they would go about it